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Why to Meet Med School Student Affairs Deans Early WHEN YOU’RE PLANNING for your medical school interviews, you are likely focused on impressing the admissions dean. But the truth is that while the person holding the keys to admission plays a crucial role in your being accepted, they have little …

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US Ranks 2019 Best Online Programs

THE NUMBER OF students taking online classes topped 6 million in fall 2016, according to a 2018 report from Babson Survey Research Group, with around 3 million of those learners exclusively taking distance education classes in either graduate and undergraduate programs. The report, based on U.S. Department of Education data, …

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How MBA Students Can Get International Experience

LAST FALL, 23-YEAR-OLD Caroline Wimbleton arrived in Madrid to work in marketing management for Allianz Partners, a global insurance and assistance company. She didn’t know anyone in the city, but she knew enough about office culture in Spain to listen carefully in meetings before jumping into the fray. In the …

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3 Tips for Choosing an Online Law Program

IN RECENT YEARS, THE popularity of online degrees has grown; from health care and business to science, remote degrees are widely available in almost every discipline – except law. Traditionally, the American Bar Association limited the number of distance education credits applied toward earning a J.D. to 15. Given that …

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Weigh an Online Liberal Arts Bachelor’s Degree

Many online bachelor’s degree programs cater to working adults. That’s why some emphasize more professional or industry-specific subject areas, such as business, health care, information technology and management across fields. But some experts say students shouldn’t automatically rule out an online liberal arts education. “You learn writing skills and thinking …

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What to Expect in an Online Engineering Degree Program

AFTER MORE THAN TWO decades working in the engineering industry, Anupam Sharma decided it was time to take his career to the next level, so the Washington state resident enrolled in an online master’s degree program at the University of California—Los Angeles Samueli School of Engineering with a specialization in …

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